Belevskaya pastille of apples with black currant without sugar dietary BeLovetti 1500 gr.
**Belevskaya apple pastille** is a natural and very healthy dessert, which has been traditionally produced in the Belevsky district since the end of the XIX century according to the original recipe of the A. Prokhorov factory. The pastille is made from fresh apples baked in the oven, the pulp of which is whipped with egg white. The high content of pectin helps to eliminate toxins from the body, improve metabolism and reduce cholesterol.To feel the whole mystery of this dessert, you need to try it - the bright aroma of apples combined with a delicate souffle will not leave indifferent neither children nor adults.In every country, the Russian delicacy was eaten differently, but everywhere this process was akin to a real ritual. The French preferred to eat Belevsky pastille with champagne or white wine, the British - cut into thin slices, with whipped cream, coffee and mint leaves, in Holland - with cheese, in Russia it was cut like bread and served with honey, hot or cold milk, mixed with sour cream and sprinkled with cranberries and cranberries.
General characteristics
Expiration date
545 days
Product type
Taste / additive
Apple; Black Currant
Country of origin
Russia ⠀
Net weight
1500 g
Gross weight
1520 g
Type of packaging
cardboard box ⠀
Nutritional value
Calorie content 100 g "Marshmallows, marmalade, zefir" compose 165 kCal / 714 KJ.
Chemical composition:
Fats — 0 g
Proteins — 1,1 g
Carbohydrates — 40 g
pectin; black currant; egg white; applesauce from baked apples
Storage conditions
25 months at a temperature from 0C to +25C and relative humidity of no more than 80%. After opening, store in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.
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Belevskaya pastille of apples with black currant without sugar dietary BeLovetti 1500 gr.
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