Peas are very delicate in taste and perfectly complement vegetable salads, soups and many other dishes. In addition to taste and nutrition, peas are of interest for health: At low IG The low glycemic index is mainly caused by the content of complex sugars and fiber, thanks to which peas do not increase blood sugar levels too much after eating and do not contribute to rapid fluctuations in glucose. It can be consumed, albeit in moderation, by diabetics and people suffering from insulin resistance. Peas are full of protein As a result, it effectively supplements the diet with vegetable proteins, which is especially valuable for vegetarians and vegans who have to replace the lack of meat in the diet with vegetable protein. High protein content promotes growth, is useful for children recovering and people building muscle mass. It also helps in weight loss – prevents hunger, eliminates the need to snack between meals. Helps digestion Due to the high fiber content, tender green peas can facilitate digestion, accelerate intestinal peristalsis, relax stools and facilitate bowel movements. Can protect against cancer It contains polyphenols, flavonols, carotenoids and saponins, which are known for their anti-cancer properties. Regular consumption of green canned peas as part of a balanced diet can significantly reduce the likelihood of cancer, which is especially useful for people at risk. Can prevent heart disease Fiber has the ability to reduce the absorption of cholesterol into the blood, so it is an excellent prophylactic against atherosclerosis. In addition, the antioxidants contained in it prevent the development of inflammation and fight free radicals, which can contribute to the development of many diseases of civilization.
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